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I Love What I Do.
Having been a registered nurse for 27 years I have worked many 12 hours shifts and lost many hours with my family and friends. People just don’t get well because it is a holiday.
I have worked day shift, mid -shift and many night shifts. Grueling, hard work. I stopped practicing in 2011 and, as I had my Real Estate license as well as nursing license, continued to manage 51 apartments, started learning and doing all the books for a cattle and a hog business my husband was a partner in, opened and oversaw a restaurant 100 miles away, managed our 170+ acre farm and was a mother and wife. Needless to say, I worked myself silly and burned out. We shed the cattle business, hog business and the restaurant, and began “flipping” houses, and I raise a few litters of working line German Shepherds. Again, lots of physical work.

About a year and a half ago, I decided I couldn’t keep up this physical work, and I entertained re-entering the nursing field. However, I remember all the time I lost with my children, family and friends... AND, I was always making someone else rich.
I decided not to go down that road again, and I made a change...I went into business for myself - yes, I was scared!!...but I knew I could make it work. Success does not occur overnight, so I did not set my mind on that unrealistic goal. One has to put in daily work and be focused on specific goals and dreams. 
Anyone can do this business... it is simple.... but not easy.... and you must have a positive mindset, be coachable and willing to put in the work. But - if you are those things, then it is SO worth it in the end! If you'd like to skip most of the trial and error to make these BIG changes in your life, reach out and apply to work with me.
"Angela is a must-have for the entrepreneur who is serious about growing a business and living a life of freedom. Not only is she business savvy and brilliant, but she is also compassionate and can meet you where you are on any level. She is a great listener and communicator and has really taken the guess work out of running a business with a tried and true approach that leads you directly to a fast track of success (so long as you are committed to following the process). She is wonderful at accountability and encouragement as she really thrives on the growing success of others. I highly recommend her and her services."
- Kara Murray
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